Staying fashionably fit

We all want to look fit and fashionable. When we attend events, we don’t want our button belly or potbelly showing in our dress. No matter how cool and stylish the clothing is, looking fit raises our self-esteem. We feel good about our bodies when we think we are fashionably fit. Many people feel they are overweight and want to get slimmer; others think they look fat when they wear certain dresses. Some also want to slim down when there is a social function to attend. One easy way of dealing with this is to go on a diet and exercise regularly.

There is many clothing in which we can wear, which hides the belly button and whatever we don’t want to portray while still making us look stylish in them. Read about Time For Me, where you will find different accessories to wear with clothing such as the hip hugger. In looking fashionably fit, you are to wear dresses that enhance your body shape and use accessories to hide your fat. You can also get accessories that will help you in losing weight and get you your desired look. There are many ways of looking fashionably fit, such as diet, exercise, and use of clothing accessories.


Although not always easy, staying fit requires regular exercise. You might have committed yourself and resolved to work out and burn some fat but have not kept to it. Don’t worry; you are not the only one; just try and keep doing your exercise. Exercise ranges from less vigorous activities such as swimming and jogging to a much more demanding activity such as weightlifting. Buy the appropriate work-out wear to help you to lose some weight and majorly keep you fit. Let the clothing fit you, something you can breathe in, and comfortable for you. Wear the appropriate footwear to minimize injury to yourself. Go at your own pace; keep trying. You can also join a group to exercise together to motivate yourself and others or even join a yoga class.


What we eat tells a lot about us. Many people prefer to eat junk food rather than good food. They are many who like to eat on the go, but if you want to look fit, you have to stop ordering that hamburger. In short, no more fast foods for you, no more snacking, and no more late-night food. Dieting is hard, and it hits hardest, like any other task, when you are just starting. You have to eat something different when you go out with your friends; you have to watch what you eat; you have to stop eating some of your favorites. This is pretty hard but is something you can do for your body. Focus more on minimally processed foods. Lean protein such as fish, and turkey, plenty of carbs and fiber should be included more in your diet.

Clothing accessories

There are many clothing accessories you can use that will make your cloth a fit. This includes a hip hugger to make your trousers’ waistline close-fitted or silicone inserts. There are many such clothing accessories to use whenever you have clothing that is either too big, too tacky or needs adjustment.