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Sports Handicappers are almost looked upon as bad as lawyers. They are a dime a dozen and a lot of them are out to take your money anyway they can get it. With that said, let me introduce myself, my name is Leo Mendelsohn and I am the CEO of Thehooks football picks.

Yes, , a football handicapping business that has been around for only one year. Why am I bashing handicappers?

I am not bashing, just saying what many people are over looking. The main reason I am writing this is that I have had over a dozen conversations with potential customers this off season and I am perplexed on how they compare sports handicappers and their sites.

I will not make this a big advertisement but here are some facts that I could blast out with a 3rd party to verify. Last year in Prime Time on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday Night we hit 66% (10-5). We finished in 11th place for top college picks at the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge. We were in 2nd place with one week to go and could have passed to secure 2nd place or just picked two games but instead we went for it all and played 10 games trying to over take first place. Oops, that was a mistake in some people eyes, but it was not a mistake in our eyes at Thehooks, we would do again because we play to win.

We finished in the top 20% out of over 150 sports handicappers being monitored at the National Sports Monitor. Noticed I said how many sports handicappers and where we were monitored. We hit on 54% of our picks last year which most sites would consider a winning season but our 8 week and 16 week customers will receive this year for free because we did not hit our guaranteed 60%.

People are out there bragging about being the top sports handicappers but when I look to see where the stats are coming from there is no proof except their word and I want more than that. If you are paying them you better make sure you get more than their word too. If not, I have some beach front property that I am selling here in Reno, Nevada that you could have at a good price.

I was sent brochures of different consensus reports claiming that the sports handicappers on the report are the TOP Services for, get this, four different categories. What the heck is this all about. They might be the top in that area but how many are monitored and how many sports handicappers are there total?

I did a search in Yahoo and could not find some of them. Some of the claims state that so and so went 11-5 in his college plays but never stated how they did for all the picks or showed proof of ALL THE PICKS. What if they went 45-55 for all their picks? I think that you would have lost money, do not you?

If you are going to claim anything you need to list everything! Make all your picks from the previous years accessible to your customers. Do not hide them in the fine print.

IF not, I could make up 15 names or take in 15 handicappers and put out a list of the top 10 handicappers in 4 areas and make all of them look good. I could give you phone numbers to call and you would pay the obscene amount of $ 500 to $ 2,900.

AND, Thehooks went 10-5 on their PRIME TIME PLAYS so join us now for $ 2,400 and we will throw in the beach front property for free!

As the generator I would sell each handicappers picks for a percentage or tell you I have no affiliation but charge you for the report. Guess what? I am damn sure to make all of them look good some way or another. I too can twist numbers, PRIME TIME ABOVE, and claim that they are the "BEST" and put in publication that they are the Top College Bowl handicapper, TOP NFL or TOP COLLEGE OR TOP NFL LOCK handicapping service. What the heck is this all about. Hey, I just acquired some more beach front property from my brother Quiddo in Vegas. For $ 1,100 you can have a share in the scam.

It is services like this that give sports handicappers a bad name. If you want more you should read the Scamdicappers at Maddox Sports. In order to claim that you are the best than you must compete against everyone. Sure you can say that you had the best NFL service amongst so many handicappers but not the # 1 Sports Handicappers period.

This is just further proof that you need to read the fine print and look for the proof of their claims. Better yet, call them and talk to them. Have Thehooks Handicappers Checklist [] out and your own questions and fire away at them. I answered so many questions this past year and want all my customers to call if they have doubts or questions.

Hey, it is your money, make sure you invest it wisely. If not, I could find more beach property here in Reno for you and save you the headache of trying to figure why your scamdicapper is giving you losing picks but still claiming victory through print or internet.

Please note that all handicappers are not this way. There are many out there who are doing this thing the right way. Make sure you are dealing with a sports handicapping service that is up front and straight forward with you.


Source by Leo Mendelsohn