Fantasy Games

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[ad_1] Back By Popular Demand Come and See Those Interesting Baseball Stats For some people this is Baseball Fantasy For some people this is Baseball Memorabilia For me it is joy and amazement. I love perusing the baseball stats. Walter Johnson – One of the first to enter the Hall of Fame in 1936. From 1912 to 1915 he won 124 games. He also started 152 games and completed 131 of those games – Do you think the Senators had a strong bullpen? He pitched in 196 games. With 10 years having an era of under 2, he finished his career with a lifetime era of 2.17. Wow…. Pedro Martinez has the third highest lifetime winning % all time. He has 2653 strike outs in 2296 innings pitched. – an […]

[ad_1] Barcelona has always been a city that lives and breathes sport and today there’s no shortage of sports in Barcelona! Thanks to the 1992 Olympics Games, facilities have improved drastically to offer all types of athletic activities. A quarter of the city’s population now regularly is doing some type of sport and have included physical exercise in their habitual activities. The people of Barcelona have seized the city’s public spaces, squares, parks and new beaches and turned them into focal points of sports activities. And Barcelona continues to advance in this direction. The City Council promotes and stimulates sport at all levels – from amateur to professional, from school to retirement, from ‘fun runs’ to summer activities – building and remodeling facilities, equipping districts and educational centers. The City […]

[ad_1] Denver 17 @ San Diego 31 Neither team is playing for anything. San Diego, after last week lost is eliminated from play content, while Denver is locked into the number two seed in the AFC. So Denver will not play its starters, while San Diego will. Look for San Diego to easily take this game. NY Giants 35 @ Oakland 13 This is a must win for the Giants. They need this to secure the division title. Look for Ely Mannining to have a great day against the mediocre Oakland defense. Oakland has not played good ball at all this year, so this one should be over early. Carolina 27 @ Atlanta 10 Do not look for Atlanta to do anything on offense. Mike Vick has had a horrible […]

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[ad_1] Every year, the NFL sees a cellar dweller from the prior year’s campaign rises up from the ashes and shocks the public with a sudden boon of proficiency. Figuring out who that team might be before it happens is nearly impossible, mostly because team chemistry and confidence don’t show up on paper. Nevertheless, year in and out, we idiots try like hell to wipe the film off our crystal ball and, with careful analysis, get the edge over the random, dart-throwing mouth-breathers. However, this time around, I’m not going to pronounce my most-likely-to-succeed. Instead, I’ve identified a handful of teams that bettered themselves the most in the off-season and hope that one of them on the list gels so I can finally prove that thorough examination of the facts […]

[ad_1] In preparing for your upcoming fantasy hockey drafts, it is vital to focus in on players who are poised for a breakout season. These are guys who have yet to reach the upper levels of fantasy hockey players, but could get into that territory by season's end. If you draft purely off of last season's stats, you're always going to miss out on some of nice surprises. Here are some names to target as you prepare for your 2010-11 fantasy hockey draft. OFFENSE Claude Giroux (PHI) Giroux played his first full NHL season last year and gradually took on a larger role with the club. Come playoff time, he was producing like a pro, totaling 21 points in 23 games. Giroux is clearly ready for a breakout season in […]

[ad_1] One of the keys to winning a fantasy football league is the ability to recognize overvalued players and to ignore them. "Slumpers" are NFL players who tend to be drawn in the top 3 at their position and produce like players drafted in double-digit rounds. These players are also known as "Draft Killers", especially if they are first or second round players. The key to winning your fantasy football league is to find players that will produce on a consistent basis. You may be able to offset one Slumper with a Sleeper, but it is better to just avoid the dead weight, if you can see any signs of a potential downfall. There are times that the signs are not present though. A perfect example of this from 2009 […]