How You Can Benefit From Studying at an English School in Manchester

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There are many reasons why you should study at an English school in Manchester. You may want to learn to communicate better in English. You could be looking to study at an English-speaking university and need to brush up on your language skills. Or you may simply need to learn English for your job.

English schools in Manchester offer a wide range of English language courses, often including general English, intensive English, English for University, for Business plus many more. Other benefits of choosing a Manchester English school is the city itself. Manchester is not just a great place to take your English language course, it also offers a fantastic student experience. Recently described as the modern home of English football, Manchester has a rich sporting history and world class facilities. Some of the local sports teams include Manchester United (and City), Sale Sharks, Manchester Storm, Manchester Giants and Salford Red Devils. With so much going on, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Manchester is also a great location from which to explore the UK with London just two hours by train, Birmingham in under an hour and a half, and Edinburgh just a short flight away. Manchester really is the best place to start your exploration of Britain from your English language school.

But enough of the fun, lets get down to business. English is the 3rd most spoken language in the world behind Spanish and Chinese (which unsurprisingly takes first place), but the fact that it is by far the most commonly spoken second language in the world is what makes English so important. Being able to speak any second language is proven to increase the amount of money an individual earns over the course of their lifetime. It is estimated that someone who speaks a second language will earn around £3,000 per year more than someone who only speaks one language.

But what will you actually learn and how? Well, during a typical week, lessons will generally include work on:


-Increasing fluency by practicing speaking with your classmates.

-Increasing accuracy by studying vocabulary and grammar and through correction of your errors.

-Building confidence by encouraging you to express your opinions in a friendly environment.

-Maximising your communication success by improving your pronunciation.


-Studying techniques to help you get the most from listening to a range of English-speaking voices.

-Practising in class and individually to build your confidence.


-Studying reading skills with both authentic texts and texts adapted to your level.


-Writing a variety of informal, formal, long and short texts.

-Using writing to improve language skills.

-Studying ways to communicate better through writing.


-Studying grammar structures by looking at examples from authentic English.

-Practising using grammar structures to improve your communication skills.

So there you have it, an English school in Manchester is a fantastic place for you to perfect your English whilst also having the time of your life.


Source by Frankie D Wilson