Hong Kong’s Best Shopping Guide

A big question on everybody’s mind when they get to Hong Kong: Where should I buy cheap electronics. Now this is a difficult one. People come here expecting to find the latest and greatest, and that at cheap prices. Sad thing is that people often leave here with inferior products and on top of that have been cheated on the price, often paying way more than what the product is worth.

What you should do:

What I have learned over the last couple of years here, is that if you want any electronic items, go to the official stores. Why, you ask me?

1) All the products are official products, with full warranty.

2) They will be honest and tell you if any device is region locked or sim locked, and suggest models that do not have these restrictions.

3) Their prices are LOWER. Yes LOWER than the street shops. Also they will often automatically give you a discount and free gifts (screen protectors, cables, carry cases, etc).

4) You will not waste time haggling and trying to get the model you want. If they have it in stock, you get it. If not, move on to the next store, and try there.

Now where are these official stores, you ask me?

You can check out these stores:

– Broadway – A chain located all around Hong Kong

– Fortress – A chain located all around Hong Kong

– Star House – A lot of electronics stores located in there, including Apple shops

– All official Apple stores

– Sham Shui Po – Even though this seems like a street market, they sell official items at good, decent prices.

– Sino Centre – A good place in Mong Kok for all video game related purchases.