Has hiking gear become high fashion?

You might think hiking gear is a more practical than fashionable style of clothing, and it is certainly true that your first consideration is probably how well it will work in the outdoors. In recent years, however, several high-end menswear labels have been introducing their hiking gear to fashion runways.

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Common features

The first items of hiking gear that made their way to high fashion were thick fleeces and down jackets, alongside the traditional, sturdy hiking boot. Now more futuristic hiking gear is crossing over, with streamlined jackets replacing the puffed-up parka and Gore-Tex shoes keeping you light on your feet. Some brands are even designed for those who want to wear hiking gear whilst staying safe at home.


Down jackets are classics of hiking wear and for good reason. Lighter and thinner than a full puffer jacket (which might look a little over the top), they still provide warm and expansive protection from the cold as well as fitting under a larger shell jacket if necessary.


It is easy to explain the popularity of the fleece because it is often the most practical way to trap your body heat and keep yourself warm and toasty even when out in the coldest weather. With every possible color available, it can be adapted for any outfit. Wear it over your stylish Farah shirts or as a mid-layer under a jacket.


A shell jacket is the best way to stay protected and waterproof, and it allows space underneath so again you can layer your Farah shirts and fleece, should the need arise. If the weather is wet but still warm, you can just wear the jacket over a t-shirt without being weighed down.

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Approach shoes, trail runners and hiking trainers are a new form of hiking shoe that still provides the comfort and durability you would expect from a hiking boot but do so in a more lightweight fashion that keeps your feet more stylish than cumbersome. No more clumpy boots.


If you still want a sturdier hiking boot, modern technology still means it can be more stylish and more efficient than the more traditional models. Gore-Tex is a waterproof membrane that is still lightweight and breathable, whilst Vibram soles keep their grip on even the roughest and most slippery surfaces.