A Win, But There Are Plenty of Things to Improve Upon

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The Packers ended up winning the game against our arch rivals so all is good in Packerland, but there were still plenty of things that the Packers should have focused on in practice this week. First, I was surprised by the amount of passes that were flat out dropped by our receivers. Second, the right tackle, Barbre proved that he is completely incapable of replacing Tauscher. And third, we were unable to adapt our passing insult to avoid the intense pass rush of the Bears.

It may have just been nerves. It was a really big game and the Packer offensive was unexpectedly struggling against the ferocious Bears defense. But I can only remember (and I have not actually checked the stats on this one) one dropped pass from Jordy Nelson in his entire rookied season. I saw two of them in the first half against the Bears. Driver also dropped two passes. All of those drops were pretty much drive killers, which is why they were so important. I know they will have something to prove against Cincy and I am not really worried about it.

However, I am worried about our right tackle position. Ogunleye is no where near as good as Reggie White. Then why was he able to simply toss Barbre out of the way and do whatever he wanted to do to Aaron Rodgers? It was disgusting. All those hits really affected Aaron Rodgers accuracy too. He was missing deep passes as a result of that too. If the Packers can not figure something out at that right tack position, it could destroy our whole season. And think about this one, we may have to replace Clifton next year as well. Ouch.

I was also concerned by our lack of creativity on offense. Rodgers and the offset should have adapted to more quick throws instead of the deep drops that had been working so well all preseason. I am not sure if Rodgers needs to work more on his audibles, but he needs to be more concerned with his own health. If he goes down, so does our season. Like I said, I am not worried about the wide Receivers bouncing back. However, I am worried about the right tackle position and our lack of creativity on offense. It will be interesting to see if they can improve in these areas in the coming weeks.


Source by Adam Sorenson