[ad_1] You know exactly what your organisation does and what your website offers its users. This information has probably become second nature to you, but first-time visitors to your site will not know this. As such, make sure you do not forget to tell them what you do. As soon as new site visitors arrive at your website the first thing they need to know, before anything else, is what you do. You can talk all you like about how great you are, but unless you spell out what you actually do, they will not even know what you're so great at! This oh-so-overlooked yet such basic of information can be communicated to your site visitors in a number of different ways: Page title Do not just use the page […]

[ad_1] When women play, the gods come down as audience to witness their perfect game-shots. Nevertheless, we humans are mere spectators and when we get a chance to have a visual treat of 11 women on the pitch-board, you get as excited as if you have won the congressional medal for pride. I had this honour of seeing my best friends practice on the stadium pitch in my city. My ardent wish of holding a bat in my hand and hitting the ball with all my force came true. They took me with them to the building of central board for cricket association. Both were hale, healthy, playing for the nationals, and aiming for the Internationals. The ground was huge and I saw several young cricketers giving their best shots. […]

[ad_1] The 16th edition of South Africa’s main international cycling stage race, the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Giro del Capo, begins on March 6th and comes with some changes to its format. This year’s competition promises to be the best ever in its history. One of the changes is the number of teams to participate, instead of the usual 22; there will be 29 groups, by far the highest; also the number of cyclist per team will increase from five to six. The split between the international and the local teams is almost equal. Barloworld team just signed in the professional cyclist Robert Hunter, the fourth South African member of the team. Hunter is known as well as the rest of his new partners, as a great cyclist and […]

[ad_1] There are literally hundreds and hundreds of exercises out there. But which ones are will improve your performance on the mat. Here is a list of 10 fantastic body-weight exercises that will build strength, power and explosiveness for all Judokas. Body-weight squats Body-weight squats will develop strength and stability in the lower body. Strength in the legs is something the Japanese pride themselves on. That is one reason why they develop so much power when they execute a technique. Make sure when you are squatting that you get low enough so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Drive through your heels, don’t fall backwards and maintain your balance. Burpees One of the hardest and best body-weight exercises on the planet. Burpees develop leg power and upper body […]

[ad_1] The New Orleans Saints were the feel good story of the 2007 season. After having been the losers of the NFL for many years, the team suddenly found itself in the heat of a Super Bowl race in 2007, thanks in large part to Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and Deuce McAllister. Hopes were high for this New Orleans team in 2008. Drew Brees was with the team for yet another season, Marques Colston was in his second year, more polished and stronger, and the acquisition of tight end Jeremy Shockey made this team even more dangerous. Somehow, the Saints lost any and all momentum they had established during the previous season. The team stumbled to an 8-8 finish, and missed the playoffs by a long shot. While their offense […]

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