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[ad_1] Mick Kupchak was reduced to tears today as Yao Ming signed a 5-year, 75 million dollar deal with the Houston Rockets. But this isn’t about Mitch Kupchak at all. Yao Ming is one of the top centers in basketball(mainly a reflection of the declining quality of centers in the NBA), and is now paid like one. Just by looking at a list of NBA salaries, Yao Ming’s annual average salary of 15 million would rank 4th next season, right behind Kevin Garnett. Is Yao Ming anywhere near as good as Kevin Garnett? The answer right now is no, but to be fair, they do play different positions. Despite his lack of game-changing skill, the Rockets had to lock up Yao Ming to a large deal. If he had hit […]

[ad_1] Most people are convinced that betting cannot earn profits to gambler in long-term perspective. It’s obvious even for those who are a great experts of statistics and probability theory. The only simple rationale here is: If bookmaker organizations exist, it means that they earn money from this business, and if they manage to earn then gamblers are supposed to spend. However this could be an absolute true if there would be only 1 bookmaker around the world. But its not like that and nowadays we have a hundreds of internationally recognized bookmakers. To see how it could be possible to earn risk-free money from betting, let’s look first at how betting works in general. Let’s say we have a following tennis match tonight: Nadal vs. Federer Bookmaker company A […]

[ad_1] Since I was a child, it has been my aspiration to travel to developing countries around the world, helping, teaching and assisting children, in some kind of humanitarian work. I had never imagined that I wouldn’t actually need to travel that far to fulfill my dream. The situation came to find me in my home country. In the past couple of years, I have been repeatedly surprised to find activities, usually featuring in large aid organization advertisements (like distributing food to people in need) already happening in my home town. Since the onset of the refugee crisis, there have also been the typical refugee camps and I found myself doing the so-called ‘field’ work – literally next door… This little background information puts the article’s topic in context. Much […]

[ad_1] How much time should I spend entertaining my customers? Good question. The world of the field salesperson is changing rapidly these days, and everything is in question. The practice of entertaining customers is one of those issues that needs to be rethought. First, let's consider whether or not you should entertain your customers. In these days of e-commerce and Internet communication, is there a place for this age-old practice? Consider this experience of mine. I had a high-potential account that did not respond to my efforts. Months went by, and I could get nowhere in this huge account. My company owned four season tickets to the University of Michigan football games, and it was my turn to use them. I invited the head of the purchasing department from that […]

[ad_1] The NFL’s regular season contains 256 games and last Monday night’s game between the Giants and Cowboys marked the 100th game of the 2006 season. The 2005 season became known as the “year of the favorite” as favorites cashed at a near-58 percent clip, while home underdogs had their worst year in memory. Home ‘dogs’ finished the ’05 season at 29-48-4 ATS, just 43.3 percent. Favorites are not having that kind of success this year, as through 100 games, favorites are 48-51-1 ((48.5 percent) and home dogs are getting their ‘bite’ back. The last two weeks home dogs have gone 8-5 SU and an excellent 10-3 ATS, giving them a year-to-date mark of 24-14 ATS, or a winning percentage of 63.2 percent! Next week is the mid-point of the […]

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[ad_1] AFC Bournemouth Odds: 66/1 Last Five Seasons 2005/06 – 17 (League One), 2004/05 – 8 (League One), 2003/04 – 9 (League One), 2002/03 – 4 (League Two, Promoted), 2001/02 – 21 (League One , Relegated). 2005/06 Cup Progress FA Cup First Round vs Tamworth (h) – lost 2-1. Carling Cup Second Round vs Wigan Athletic (a) – lost 1-0. Football League Trophy Southern Section Second Round vs Walsall (a) – lost 1-0. Top Goal Scorer 2005/06: James Hayter (striker) – 20 goals. Players In Danny Hollands (Chelsea – Free), Conal Platt (Liverpool – Free), Tariq Khalil (Cardiff City – Free), Daryl Taylor (Walsall – Free). Players Out James O'Connor (Doncaster Rovers – £ 130,000), Adam Griffiths (Brentford – Free), Kirk Hudson (Aldershot – Free), Jamie Whisken (Salisbury – Free), […]

[ad_1] World of Warcraft is a huge multi player role-playing game and boast a whooping 7 million subscribers! It is by far the worlds most popular online role-playing game. The structure of the game is characters start at level 1 and progress all the way to level 60 by acquiring experience. Although the game start off quite fast in the early stages, it does become increasingly harder to level up in the later stages. One of the ways you can level up faster is by power levelling. Power levelling is when you do a lot of missions and quest together and sometimes in a group to gain the most XP. To start you off gaining experience of power levelling in Wow you can get started in two ways: The easiest […]